Roof Cassettes

Roof Cassettes

Our timber frame floor and roof cassettes are precision-engineered offsite components, used in place of traditional on-site construction methods. With a design based on our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience, these innovative timber systems have been developed to meet the evolving demands of the construction sector, with rapid installation and a high percentage of pre-manufactured value.

timber roof cassette installation

Timber Cassettes

Our latest innovation is a roof cassette that we deliver in partnership with Sika. It comprises of a precision-engineered roof cassette designed by our in-house designers and fabricated in our new cassette manufacturing facility. The top is finished with Sika’s Sarnifil system, including a vapour control layer, insulation to meet the client’s specification and a single-ply weather membrane. All that is left to form a completed roof system is for an approved contractor to weld the joints between cassettes. The bottom of the cassette is factory finished with the first layer of ceiling board halving the amount of dry lining required on site. Once installed, the cassette is ready for the application of the final layer of plasterboard and ceiling finish

Our partnership with Sika is recognised as an innovation in custom-made, large format roof elements that deliver enhanced and warrantied performance over and above standard building regulations.

Quality and durability

Our fabricated components are manufactured from the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards; ensuring long-term reliability and service life. All production processes are fully compliant with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety).

Technical due diligence

  • Moisture
  • Thermal performance
  • Wind uplift

In partnership with Sika, all projects will undergo these theoretical calculations from which our technical experts will prepare manufacturing drawings for our manufacturing facilities to follow in purpose build brand new facility.

Pasquill roof cassettes

Design support included

This package includes additional design support:

  • Thermal calculations
  • Moisture risk analysis calculations
  • Wind uplift calculations
  • Structural design
  • Full drawing pack
  • Roofing system warrantee

Make-up of each roof cassette

1. Gyproc® FireLine MR 15mm (Site installed)

2. Weather resistant gypsum-based board 15mm

3. I-Joist – depth as required by structural calculations and client requirements

4. Mineral wool – depth as required by acoustic standards

5. Topdeck OSB

6. Sika Sarnavap Air Vapour Control Layer

7. Sika SarnaTherm insulation

8. Final membrane – Sika Specification, application / performance-dependent

9. Fixing – In-built lifting straps for easy transportation offload and installation on site

timber roof cassettes

Fixing and installation

As standard, the roof cassette is installed on top of the wall plate. Exact construction details will be confirmed during the design stage and approved by the client’s appointed principal designer.

Installation carried out by others. Pasquill will deliver direct to your site, as specified by a contractor who unloads/lifts off to either lift directly into position or store until ready for installation. The cassettes are unloaded (lift-off) as stacks or singly using pre-slung slings. Special instructions are required for storage onsite – the storage facility must be off the ground.

Benefits of Roof Cassettes

  • High quality yet rapid external finish on projects
  • Improved health and safety on site
  • Reduced construction time on site
  • Bespoke design with incorporated M&E considerations
  • Less waste material on site
  • Cassettes use either PEFC or FSC certified timber
  • Fantastic thermal qualities
  • Large spans can be achieved due to the cassette’s engineered joist construction
  • Impressive dimensional accuracy & reliable build quality
  • Dramatically reduced build times
  • Complete design, fabrication & delivery service


Roof cassettes are pre-fabricated roofing components, including structural elements, insulation, and other necessary materials. They streamline the construction process by offering a ready-made solution for roofs.

A timber cassette system involves the use of prefabricated timber components in construction. It includes structural elements like beams and panels, promoting efficiency and precision in building projects.

Yes, proper roof ventilation is crucial. It helps regulate temperature, reduce moisture, and prevent mould and decay. Adequate ventilation contributes to the longevity and efficiency of the roof.

Yes, a roof membrane is essential. It is a waterproof barrier, protecting your roof from leaks and water damage. Membranes enhance the roof’s longevity, providing an extra layer of defence against weather elements and contributing to overall structural integrity.

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