Freedom of variety

metal webbing between two timber beams

Metal web Joist

Posi-Joist™ also known as Metal web joists, combine the light weight of timber with the strength of a steel web.

The Posi‐Joist™ gives building designers the freedom to have a variety of internal room layouts, whilst allowing free and easy passage of services, without the constraints of solid and other engineered timber.

Our software

For our Posi-Joist™ manufacturing we work with MiTek, a well-renowned specialist in the development of software solutions for structural timber engineering. Here at Pasquill we use the MiTek PAMIR software to create accurate 3D drawings for our roof truss and Posi-Joist™ projects.

The PAMIR software allows us to create detailed plans which can be shared with customers to ensure all aspects of the project are correct – from the shape of the Roof Truss to sizing up the Metal Web Joists.

metal webbing between timber attached to a breezeblock wall

How our Posi-Joists are made

Each Posi-Joist™ is individually designed for your project and our experienced designers will be able to answer any questions you have but you may also download a copy of the Posi-Joist™ Technical Handbook to give you further technical information. View our short video which shows how we make our Posi-Joists.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight but strong
  • Allows greater span distances than solid joists, giving greater design freedom
  • Suitable for both floor and roof usage
  • Open web design ‐ allows easy installation and access to services , especially Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery systems
  • Faster installation and cost savings in time and materials
  • Simple and safe to install
  • Range of depths from 202mm to 421mm
  • Beams are dimensionally stable and cross‐grain shrinkage minimal
  • Easily handled due to light weight
  • Various end fixing details including “trimmable ends” available
  • Wide flanges for fixing flooring and plasterboard.  Min 72mm wide fixing surface make flooring easy, controls shrinkage and reduces return visits and remedial work
  • Economy ‐ patented staggered web produces greater savings against competitors’ products
  • Suitable for use in ground floor applications
  • The industry’s first metal web joist system in the UK to obtain a Robust Detail® for the resistance to the passage of sound
  • Manufactured from PEFC™ certified timber

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A Posi-Joist is an engineered timber system which is created using MiTek design software and their steel web connectors. Posi-Joists can only be manufactured by licensed MiTek manufacturers such as Pasquill.

The Posi-Strut™ is the metal web manufactured by MiTek and used in the manufacture of our Posi-Joist. It provides clear span flexibility and easy access for plumbing and electrical installations.

Posi-Joists are floor joists that are used when a lightweight but strong solution is required. They allow for a greater span distance than solid joists and allow for more design freedom.

Not only can Posi-Joists be used in floors, but they are also suitable for flat, low and steep pitched roofs.

metal webbing between two timber beams
metal webbing between timber attached to a breezeblock wall

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