Floor Cassettes

Off-site manufacturing


The use of cassette floor panels has become increasingly popular because they can improve safety on site and dramatically speed up the erection process.

Cassettes are manufactured using either JJI-Joists or Posi-Joists™ to meet customer requirements.

floor cassettes installed on site with one lifted into place by crane

Safety straps

Lifting straps are built into the cassettes ensuring safe lifting for both transportation and site erection. The decking material is subject to the requirements of the final floor – OSB boarding, Plywood or Chipboard can all be specified.

Our design and factory teams work closely with customers’ technical and site personnel to ensure a smooth operation throughout the project.

Features & Benefits

  • OSM floor solution
  • Robust detail compliant / Part E (sound) compliant
  • Reduced site construction time
  • Controlled manufacturing environment ensures consistent quality
  • Stability of an instant working platform
  • Improved health & safety during construction process
  • Easy installation of services, particularly Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery systems
  • Lifting straps attached for ease of transportation and installation
  • Suitable for houses and low level apartments
  • Eliminates need for highly skilled labour on site
  • Firebreak characteristics can be incorporated into the design
  • Constructed from timber and sustainable materials
  • Chain of custody certified
  • Ability to control and account for waste
  • Cassettes can be sequentially loaded to speed up erection process
  • Ideal for timber frame construction

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floor cassettes installed on site with one lifted into place by crane
metal web joist floor cassette
side view of floor cassette lift by a forklift truck
operators manufacturing floor cassette
floor cassette lifted by large crane

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