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Project information

Building description:
Heritage Skills Centre – Education
Lincoln, England
Lincolnshire County Council

Products used

  • glulam at skinners kent academy

    Glulam Beams

Services used

  • Design

  • Express Delivery

  • Manufacture

Project details


Lincoln Castle is a scheduled national monument and this is the first new building to be constructed within the castle grounds in over 100 years.

The main challenge with this structure was logistics by having to access the site and erect without interfering with the fabric of the existing structure. The rectangular stepped frame is formed from a series of curved beams with insert steel ‘flitch’ plates.

Product Highlights

The Glulam was European Whitewood with one coat of preservative, and all metalwork was galvanised mild steel.

Sourced via Jewson, Pasquill supplied, project managed and installed the Glulam columns, roof beams and tie bar bracing.

Customer testimonial

Dirk van Rensburg

Arrol & Snell Ltd

“The structural design has been developed to be as sustainable as possible in terms of materials used and to create a framed construction that is as adaptable and as flexible as possible. The use of Glulam Beams and columns, rather than steel, is highly sustainable and the structure internally creates a pleasing visual effect. The Glulam frame construction supports the considerable weight of a turf roof allowing the remainder of the external envelope non-load bearing with extremely high degrees of thermal insulation. This frame construction and non-loading bearing envelope allows for ease of alteration, if needed at a future date.”

Project gallery

glulam installed lincoln castle
lincoln castle glulam installed
glulam lincoln castle
glulam erected on site
lincoln castle and glulam installed

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