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Project information

Building description:
New acute mental health facility
Innovaré Systems

Products used

  • Posi Joists

  • Roof Trusses

Services used

  • Design

  • Express Delivery

  • Manufacture

Project details


A 20 week build programme to erect 24,000 sq.m. of SIPs panels. Kingsley Green formed one of the most advanced facilities in the country, inspired by international best practice and providing an environment that helps people recover from mental illness.

Special Requirements: A key element of Pasquill’s role was its design input, with several design versions provided in order to optimise performance and value for money across two main build areas. The first area incorporated an energy centre flat roof, a sedum flat roof and a two storey main office block, which were all designed using Posi-joistsTM; and the second area included wards/wings which were single storey buildings using trusses. Varied design options were required in particular for areas in which the project’s architects required sloping ceilings in corridors and open ceilings.

Product Highlights

The trusses not only supported the SIPs roof panels, they also acted as racking to the timber frame structure. The trusses supplied varied from 1.8m to 4.5m centres with most being factory clad with plywood or plasterboard to form internal partitions as a continuation of the wall panels below.

Posi-Joists were also supplied for off-site cassette production ready to be craned into position for speed of construction. Roof and floor cassettes up to 2.4m wide were built with some joists measuring up to 8m. Posi-Joists are metal web joists. They are dimensionally stable, allowing designers particular freedom for internal room layouts, thanks to their ability to cover large spans. Their open web design means easy installation of and access to services, and their combination of timber and steel web makes them lightweight but strong.

Project gallery

pasquill spandrel panels installed on construction site

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