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JJI-Joists/ I-Beams

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Project information

Building description:
Multi-comfort building concept
Worcester, England
Associated Architects and building contractor Speller Metcalfe

Products used

  • glulam at skinners kent academy

    Glulam Beams

  • glulam and i-joists

    JJI-Joists/ I-Beams

Services used

  • Design

  • Express Delivery

  • Manufacture

Project details

Special Requirements

The Multi-Comfort building concept, launched in the UK at EcoBuild, takes a holistic approach to the design and construction of buildings so that Multi-Comfort buildings are efficient, comfortable and have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of everyone who uses them. Multi-Comfort buildings surpass existing Building Regulations, incorporate the energy efficiency and thermal comfort standards set by Passivhaus, and introduce new standards in the areas of audio, indoor-air and visual comfort.

Product Highlights

The JJI-Joists and Glulam supplied by Pasquill are being used in the form of eight curved portal frames as the main structure of the building, together with associated straight and cambered beams. The engineered timber JJI-Joists are forming stud walls, and more JJI-Joists are also being used in the roof. JJI-Joists used in the walls in this way have created the ideal wall depth required for the insulation used, and all of the products will help the building to achieve both Passivhaus and Multi-Comfort standards.

Customer testimonial

large glulam building
Jim Turner


“This represents a major investment for us, and when it’s completed it will offer a fantastic multi-purpose sports and drama facility for pupils. The use of Multi-Comfort on the building will be perfect for the range of activities held there, and I’m looking forward to seeing the difference it makes to the productivity and learning capabilities for the pupils.”

Project gallery

glulam kings hawford school
glulam and i-joists
large glulam building

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