Glebe Row

Cut rafters

Project information

Building description:
Glebe Row – new build apartments
Glebe Row, Hayle
D J Keeler (Jewson Penzance)

Products used

  • Cut rafters

  • glulam at skinners kent academy

    Glulam Beams

  • Posi Joists

Services used

  • Design

  • Express Delivery

  • Manufacture

Project details


The customer required a completely vaulted ceiling and thus roof trusses were not possible in this scenario. Cut rafters and the supporting ridge beam were supplied and designed using MiTek Pamir in order to apply the correct loads to the beam.

The rafters were supplied with a ‘slot’ cut at the ridge. This meant the carpenters just had to fix the hanger to the side of the glulam and the rafter would slide into the hanger and be secured in place.  As the finish was exposed eaves, we created a ‘birdsmouth’ cut for the rafter to sit onto the wallplate – then modified the timber to the required depth all the way through to the end of the overhang.

Product Highlights

Cut rafters are the traditional method of manufacturing the pieces of timber on-site. Pasquill have the ability to design and manufacture the pieces required using our Hundegger Saw, which allows us to cut ‘birdsmouth’ and other various cuts into the timber so the carpenter can simply put the timber into place as opposed to measuring and cutting by hand on-site, which reduces the speed of installation.

Posi-Joists, also known as metal web joists, are used in a variety of applications, from domestic housing to commercial property developments and public sector buildings. With their superior spanning capabilities, Posi-Joists facilitate better design freedom. The open web design allows for easy installation of and access to services, and their combination of timber and steel web makes them lightweight but strong.

Glulam is manufactured from selected high grade timbers using small cross-sectional boards, finger jointed and laid up with the grain parallel to form larger cross sections and lengths. This configuration produces an exceptional strength to weight ratio suitable for long span load bearing structures combined with the aesthetic appeal of timber.

Customer testimonial

J Keeler

Glebe Row apartments

“Cuts supplied on rafters were exactly as requested.”

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