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Roof Trusses Scotland

As Scotland’s leading Roof Truss supplier, our technical design team here in Uddingston look after the roof and floor enquiries for Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, Falkirk Lanarkshire, Lothian, Scottish Borders, and Dumfries & Galloway Counties.

Roof Trusses Scotland


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At Pasquill we provide free technical advice on Engineered Trusses, I-Joists, Metal Web Joists and Spandrel Panels and use state of the art software from the industry leader MiTek to supply your bespoke drawings in 3-D visualisation at no extra charge.

The Uddingston Design Centre specialises in the design and supply of roof trusses, Posi joists and JJI Joists. We are currently in the process of building a JJI team that will look after the whole of Scotland from our plant in Uddingston as this is where the JJI joists are stocked and dispatched from.

A colleague from our Uddingston design team will call you to understand your roof or floor requirements so that we can quote you a comprehensive package tailored to meet your needs.

You should be aware that not all quotes for Roof Trusses or Floors enquiries are the same. Our quotes will be clear and broken down and include bracing, metalwork, and delivery unless you advise us otherwise.

We also offer Pasquill Express Delivery. Find out more here.

The Team at Uddingston Design Centre

Currently, the Uddingston Design centre team is made up of 10 in-house staff and we also have 2 designers who work for MiTek Services in Vietnam. This is a great service that helps us get quotes out to our customers in a timely manner.

Here is an overview of the team you can expect to encounter when you order Pasquill roof trusses in Uddingston: 

Paul Doherty, Design Office Manager. Paul has been designing roof trusses with Pasquill since 2005 and after joining only a couple of years after the plant opened is part of the original design team that built up to what we have now. Since starting out with Pasquill, Paul has gained a wealth of experience in the engineered timber sector and looked after some of the biggest accounts that have dealt with our Uddingston team including national housebuilders. Since January 2021 Paul has taken on the role of leading the Uddingston design team through what has been a tough period for the construction industry.

Chris Smith, Design Manager. Chris has been designing & quoting roof trusses since leaving school with all experience gained on the job. Accumulating something in the region of 35 years’ experience using design software from the early days of roof truss design to the 3D environment now used. Chris has been at Pasquill, Uddingston since 2002 when the purpose-built factory was constructed which was fundamental in building a local business alongside our operations team and making Pasquill the “go-to” place for roof trusses. Currently, he is the Key Account Manager for one of Pasquill largest timber frame account customers for sites throughout the UK.

Amie Grant, Designer. Amie’s role includes the designing of trusses, Posi joists and JJI beams. Amie began working with Pasquill in 2019 and has already gained a wealth of knowledge and experience since the for someone who was new to the industry. Along with her current design duties, Amie is heavily involved with the junior designers in the team and helping them learn and progress has she has done herself.

Eve MacDonald, Junior Designer. Eve joined the Uddingston design team in January 2020 as a Junior Designer with no previous knowledge of the building trade. Since her introduction to the team, Eve has completed a number of training courses and continues to work hard to gain the knowledge required to improve herself as a designer. Eve already has a good customer base and deals with many of our local builders who come into the branch when building small extensions.

Natasha Kennedy, Designer. Based in Northern Ireland, Natasha works remotely but is a vital part of the Uddingston design team. Since joining in the summer of 2021 Natasha has had a huge contribution to the teams success and is currently looking after one of our biggest customer for the supply of roof trusses.

Robert McKay, JJI Design Supervisor. Robert oversees the sales & design element of James Jones Joist products looking after some of our key accounts within the branch. Robert has been in the industry since 2006 accumulating over 16 years of experience and a sustained period at Pasquill.

Malcolm Duff, Senior Designer. Malcolm has over 33 years working as a roof truss designer. His role within Pasquill is to design Roof Trusses & Posi Floors for estimating/production for projects of any size. He has been with Pasquill since mid-2021.

Ewan Roy, Junior Designer. Ewan joined the company in early 2022 as a junior designer who is new into the construction industry. In the short period of time Ewan has been with the team we have seen good progress and are sure Ewan will develop into a competent Pasquill designer.

Iveta Brazdeikyte, Junior Designer. Ivy joined the company in early 2022 as a junior designer brand new into the construction industry. After a short period it is clear Ivy has a great willingness to learn and is developing her skills at a great rate and already contributing to the team.

David Stevenson Junior Designer. David joined Pasquill in late 2021 as a junior truss designer. Since then, David has come on leaps and bounds and is now a vital part of the team looking after the local customers we have for the branch. David continues to develop his skillset and is well on his way to progressing to a designer.

Angela Harris, Sales Coordinator. Angela acts as a main point of contact for the relationship we have with sister brand Scotframe. This allows us to work closely with the client and ensure all deliveries / sales are programmed and scheduled accordingly.

Roof Truss Projects in Uddingston

The Uddingston design team has a wealth of experience ranging from a couple of years’ experience to over 30 years’ experience. This makes it an ideal place for Junior designers to join and progress themselves to become designers picking up little bits from each individual here and there. The experience also means that we have seen and done pretty much anything that our customers are looking for and have the capabilities to deal with any such request.

Where to find us

9 Grays Road,

Green Elms Trading Estate,

Uddingston G71 6ET

Customer Feedback

Feedback from JMF Builders & Joiners

“Please inform senior management that I found all staff to be very helpful to within our requirements , from initial contact, coming into the office , 5 star treatment”.
Jim f , & John Sutherland

Feedback from Ian 
Just wanted to take the time to give credit where credit is due.  Natasha has worked tirelessly on my project West Lodge Norwood hall, she has been an absolute credit to the company and delivered a very tricky projected with the up most professionalism. Natasha clearly has a very good technical knowledge and has made the impossible happen. The plans and structural drawings have been terrible but despite this she has visualised and designed a product to meet our needs. So please pass on our thank you from myself and my company to her” Ian

Customer feedback 
“Thanks Craig! Your service has been excellent every time and I will be coming to you direct for all future timber structural elements.” 😊

Feedback from William 
“The trusses at my Linwood Project worked out perfect thanks.” William 

Feedback from Raymond 
“Hi Andrew, Thank you so much for 3d model it was very helpful.”https://buff.ly/2y497XC Raymond 

Customer feedback 
“Hi Robert just to say thanks for getting the flooring so quickly and we will be using your company again in the near future for the other things we have to do on the build. The service has been absolutely brilliant.” 

Feedback from Robert 
“Great guys and workmanship highly recommend.” Robert 

Feedback from Keith 
https://sketchfab.com/models/55ac76f89aa24c8499322dc80b1bacf3“That’s amazing Paul. You can even see the knots in the wood. It will help a lot when it comes to fitting as you can physically see what it should look like. Cheers!” Keith 

Customer feedback 
“Dear Alex, Craig & Craig, I just wanted to say thank you both for the excellent level of customer service that you and all your colleagues that I’ve communicated with have provided during the successful order & delivery, particularly as I appreciate that it wasn’t even a large order. This is the first time I’ve ordered from Pasquill and will certainly be recommending to other clients & contractors we work with that Pasquill, Uddingston provide a good value and an excellent service all round.” 

Recent project Maulslie Estate, Rosebank, Carluke, designed and supplied by ourselves. It included JJI-Joists and Roof Trusses designed by Robert and Craig. Thanks to Melville Joinery and Construction and Clyde Property, Hamilton for the video.

close up of wall plates on trusses
fork lift truck loading attic trusses onto trailer

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