Inverness Design Centre

Roof Trusses Scotland

As Scotland’s leading Roof Truss supplier, our technical design team in Inverness look after roof and floor enquiries for the Aberdeenshire, Highland and Moray Counties. Along with the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland. 

The Team At Inverness Design Centre

Currently, the team at Pasquill’s Inverness branch is made up as follows: Allan MacDonald is the Design office manager, Gary Chisholm is the Senior Designer along with David McDonald. Rona Leggett is the Junior Designer and Carol Buthlay is the Inverness Design Centre Administrator.

Roof Trusses Inverness

Opening hours:

Monday 8:00am – 16:30pm

Tuesday 8:00am – 16:30pm

Wednesday 8:00am – 16:30pm

Thursday 8:00am – 16:30pm

Friday 8:00am – 16:30pm

At Pasquill we provide free technical advice on Engineered Trusses, I-Joists, Metal Web Joists and Spandrel Panels and use state of the art software from the industry leader MiTek to supply your bespoke drawings in 3-D visualisation at no extra charge. 

The Inverness Design Centre specialises in everything from sheds to the most complicated of attic roofs. Inverness is the most Northern Pasquill branch with a large delivery area which we serve.  

A colleague from our Inverness design team will call you to understand your roof or floor requirements so that we can quote you a comprehensive package tailored to meet your needs. 

You should be aware that not all quotes for Roof Trusses or Floors enquiries are the same. Our quotes will be clear and broken down and include bracing, metalwork, and delivery unless you advise us otherwise. 

We also offer Pasquill Express Delivery. Find out more here.

Roof Truss Projects in Scotland

As leading manufacturers of timber solutions, we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in many projects across Scotland.

From roof trusses to posi-joists, and glulam beams, our technical experience has lent itself to stand-out constructions, like the Highland Cinema, in Fort William, Highlands. On a strict schedule, we created a unique solution for the Cinema: stepped trusses as one full piece for a quicker installation, rather than forming steps one by one on-site.We applied our design expertise to the Rosebank Church Conversion project, near Inverness. Manufacturing and supplying large-scale posi-attics, at Pasquill we’ve made it possible for the historic Scottish church to welcome locals again after being empty for over four decades.

Where to find us

3 Dalcross Industrial Estate,

Inverness, IV2 7XB 

Roof Trusses Aberdeen

One of the most recent builds we took part in was the Aberdeenshire Modern Self-Build. For the roof systems, one of our priorities was making them easy to form on-site with minimal waste.

Different services were provided by our team, starting with the design team’s 3D model of this countryside self-build to have a detailed inspection of the proposed plan.

This single-storey project’s unique design involved split roof levels and required supporting the roof through insulated concrete formwork. Our experts crafted a solution: laying the posi-joist on top of the insulated concrete formwork blocks by adding a glulam perimeter to the inside of these.

The result was a happy client, as well as delighted plumbers and electricians, given how easy and quick our design made it to first fix install.


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